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a complete water pH treatment SERVICE

Eco2Mix makes carbonic acid on-site, bringing users a fully automated solution for water pH control. It’s 100% sustainable, ecological, safe and highly efficient. It provides growers with the right water pH while helping soil biology and soil structure, making it a better place to grow food.

High pH water goes through the system, we inject CO2 (making carbonic acid), which is then reinjected back into the mainline, reducing the pH of the water that irrigates the crops.

Eco2Mix is a fully automatic system, with no need for an operator in the field, we provide the technology and monitor and control it remotely.

how it works


Increase nutrient availability

The right pH increases nutrient uptake and leads to less nutrient deficiencies, which results in healthier plants.


Avoid Scale in pipes and emitters

Clean micro-sprinklers and drippers increase water distribution.


Helps soil biology

Feeds soil microbes, helps Glomalin, and increases organic matter and water infiltration.


Eco friendly

100% sustainable, safe, and highly efficient.

how it works

We provide the Eco2Mix technology, including maintenance and calibration, CO2 tanks and CO2 supply, remote monitoring and control. All for a fixed price per acre/year depending on water quality and consumption. We provide the right water pH according to customer needs. No investment needed.

Reduce water pH safely
Less costs compared to sulfuric acid or sulfur burners
No up-front costs
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