Doing it the green way

We are replacing the use of sulfuric acid to reduce water pH with a safe, efficient, economic and ecologic method in which we inject CO2 instead.

We care

Our Mission is to care about water and environment in modern agriculture, without contamination and taking care of our people.


Our mission is to design the best ecological solution for water pH control in irrigation systems and other water treatment industry, helping the environment by replacing the use of toxic and dangerous Sulfuric Acid with CO2 instead.

This is our mission

Water in agriculture is high in carbonates and salts (hard water); these elements precipitate and clog irrigation emitters and pipes.


The problem

High pH water affect crops and farmer's profit it's affected. To solve this problem farmers have to reduce water pH. Nowadays they use Sulfuric Acid injection in pipes and mainlines, this help to avoid precipitation from carbonates and prevent the emitters to get obstructed.

However, the use of Sulfuric Acid is toxic, dangerous and expensive.

In three simple steps

We have a solution

Carbon Dioxide injection

We inject Carbon Dioxide through a high pH water flow helping the Carbonic Acid formation.

Mixing Chamber

In the second stage, in the mixing chamber, the fine bubbles of gas and water get mixed and react reducing water pH. The smaller the bubbles, the more reaction between CO2 and water is possible.

CO2 recovery

In the third part of the process, we recover unreacted CO2 and return it to the injection point in the first stage of the system; making a CO2 loop into the system. This allows us to inject less fresh CO2 into the system, making ECO2MIX the most efficient system in the world.


What's so unique about it?

ECO2MIX has a unique design that allows the whole process to be more efficient than anything like it in the market today. We are able to recover and reuse unreacted CO2, making ECO2MIX a carbon neutral company.


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