About us


Six years ago, we decided to find a better solution, specifically designed for agriculture, to  reduce pH in irrigation water with a more sustainable process. That’s when we designed a system that uses carbonic acid to acidify water, mimicking nature.

CO2 is not new to the world of agriculture. There’s plenty of research and publications about its biological and soil benefits and yields improvements. With this in mind, we decided to design a highly efficient system using this natural compound.

Our mission is to provide a sustainable solution for water pH control, using an eco-friendly technology that helps the plant and soil biology by replacing the use of toxic and dangerous mineral acids with innocuous carbonic acid (CO2 + water). We are the only carbon pH control designed with the grower’s problem in mind.

Business Degree Ms. Marketing with more than 10 years in AgTech sales Shareholder and Business Development Consultant


Electrical Technician with 26 years of experience in irrigation and fertigation system. COO in charge of operations and logistics.


Agricultural Technician and Entrepreneur with 26 years of experience designing irrigation, fertigation and water pH control systems, CEO of the company in charge of sales and administration.