pH Control in Agriculture without Sulfuric Acid

Cal-West Rain is a full-service agriculture irrigation and pump company located in the Central Valley. Their latest article highlights Eco2Mix and our pH control alternative to sulfuric acid using carbonic acid.

To read the entire article, check out the link below!

Article Key Takeaways

  • Controlling irrigation water pH can bring a variety of benefits to most growers.
  • Compared to sulfuric acid and sulfurous acid burners, the carbonic acid process brings more benefits and greater safety for the grower.
  • The service from ECO2MIX is completely turnkey, all equipment, installation, tanks, calibration, CO2, monitoring and maintenance are provided as part of the service.
  • Looking at the overall benefits and costs, the carbonic acid process with ECO2MIX is the ideal solution for pH control.