TurfNet: Benefits of Carbonic Acid in Water for Turf Health

We recently partnered with TurfNet to present a webinar on the benefits of using carbonic acid in water for turf and soil health. Waldo Moraga, with over 25 years of experience in irrigation and fertigation, shared valuable insights on how injecting CO2 to form carbonic acid can safely control pH levels and enhance soil and turf conditions.

Key takeaways from the webinar include:

  • Safety and Sustainability: Unlike traditional acids, carbonic acid is safer for both the environment and the people handling it.
  • Improved pH Control: Carbonic acid offers a natural way to maintain optimal pH levels, essential for nutrient availability and soil health.
  • Enhanced Soil Health: By mimicking natural processes, carbonic acid promotes better soil structure and microbial activity.

This webinar is useful for turf management professionals and superintendents looking to improve their practices with innovative and sustainable solutions. Watch the full session to learn more about how carbonic acid can benefit your turf and soil health.

For more details, visit TurfNet Webinar Archives.